Hodges' model care domains: indicative content


Consciousness (Un-), Lifecourse
Individual, Self, Person
Personhood, Personality
Identity, Orientation
Being, Memory, Mortality
Thoughts, Beliefs, Behaviour
(In)Security, Safety
(Artificial) Intelligence
Education, Learning disability
Mental capacity
Ability - Disability
Self-expression, Creativity
Verbal/Non Verbal Comm.
Self-esteem, Awareness
Volition, Motivation
Disposition, Mood, Joy, Bliss
Mental state, Coping strategies
Mental health, Well-being
Mental Illness, Insight
Hallunications, Delusions
Homicidal - criminal behaviour
Confidence, Self-worth
Attention, Concentration
Psychological Needs
Stress, Vulnerability, Trauma
Placebo, Nocebo

Belongingness, Love, Caring, Hope
Biography, Life history
Hopes, Desires, Dreams
Happiness, Tragedy, Love
Individual and Group Psychology
Theories: Id, Ego, Superego
Abnormal Psychology
Neural integrity, Reflexes
Psychological theories
Psychiatry, Forensic psychiatry
Attitudes, Responsibility
Cognition, Problem solving
Reasoning, Apprehension
Calculation skills
Integrity, Trustworthiness
Upbringing, Character traits
Empathy, Rapport
Perceptual skills
Learning patterns/preferences
Mentoring, Coaching
Faith, Personal values
Cultural influences
Decision making styles
Freedom, Choice, Independence
Reward expectations
Impulsiveness, Self-harm

Risk taking
Temperament, Aggression
Individual development
Spiritual needs, 'Why'? Wonder
Change, Attachment
Psychology of ageing
Maturation, Puberty, Sexuality
Personal qualities, honesty...
Anxiety, Fear, Phobias
Mental adjustment
Aggression, Disinhibition
Habit, Addiction
Self-care, Discipline
Bereavement, Grieving
Bias, Prejudice
Confusion, Delerium
Emotional contentment, Sleep
Initiative, Giving
Literacies: Visual, IT, health...
Reflection, Reflexive
Play, Fun, Hobbies
Life skills, Outlook
Reality Orientation

Plans, Priorities
Occupation, Ambition
Sense making, Meaning
Linguistic skills
Concepts, Mind mapping
Ideas, Inspiration
Psychological models
Philosophy, Morality, Role models
Psychotherapies, CBT, SFT, CAT...
Personal space
Personal autonomy
Integration, Isolation
Child rearing attitudes
(Self-) Assessment, Evaluation
Pscyhological assessment tools
Measures, Diaries
Personal Ethics, Consent
Social Skills, Relationships
Mental health diagnosis
... and much more ...


Biology, Physics, Chemistry
Uncertainty, Complexity
Climate Change, Weather
Ecology, Ecosystem
Agriculture, Bees, Conservation
Radiation, UV, Radon, Nuclear
Other disciplines inc. Medicine
Nursing, Allied Health Professionals
Maths, Statistics, Logic, Probability
Bayes theorem, Proof
Age: Chronologic/Pathologic
Questions, Theory, Practice
Laws, Research, Trials
Time, Cause-Effect, Aetiology
Method, Methodology
Evidence, Systematic Reviews
Dissemination, Open Access
Data, Information, Knowledge
Open data, Open access
Quantitative data, Validity, Rigour
Public understanding
Literature, (e-)Libraries
Disciplines, Curricula
Reductionism - Wholism
Technology, Robotics

Human biology, Anatomy & Physiology
Body systems, Digestion, Elimination...
Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Forensics
Pharmacology, Genomics, Dentistry
Academia, Citizen science
Antibiotic resistance
Pain, Sepsis
Basic nursing care
Comfort, Hygiene, Continence
Fresh air, Quiet, Warmth, Security
Basic-Advanced Life Support
Obs: Temp,Pulse,BP...
Nursing process:
Assess, Plan, Intervene, Evaluate
Physical Systems/senses
Pathology, Homeostasis
Genetics, Rare Diseases
Growth, Exercise, Movement
Forms of disease
Infection process
Response to Disease / Drugs
Healing, Recovery
Accidents, Trauma
Fluids, Nutrition
Medication, Side effects
Overdose, Self-injury

Physical effects: addiction
Physical attributes
Weight, Height, BMI
Gait, Balance, Physical fitness
Vision, Hearing, Smell, Touch...
Risk of Falls
Public Health
Demographics, Epidemiology
Housing, Built environment
Air pollution, Noise
Environmental poisons
Hand washing, Disinfection
Toilet, Sanitation
Waste, Pollution, Recycling
Satellite monitoring
Geography, Migration
Logistics, Transport
Diagnosis, Prognosis
Classification systems, eg. SNOMED CT
Materials science
Mechanics, Engineering
Knowledge - Professions

Abilities, Impairment, Disability
Disabling factors
Risk assessment
Space science and medicine
Design & Tech
Information Sciences
Internet, Informatics, Interoperability
Smartphones, m-health
Big data, Visualization
Telecare, e-Health
Electronic health records
Physical media
Virtual environments
Physical violence
Hardware, Software
Artificial Intelligence
Tech Enhanced Learning
Conferences, Symposia, Workshops
Nursing Theory
Models of Nursing - Care
Global health


Anthropology, History
Love, Caring, Nursing
Socialisation, Cooperation
'Home', Community
Norms/Normative control
Social class
Social values, Social justice
Equality, Diversity, Inclusion
Multicultural, Integration
Stigma, Tolerance, Conflict
Shared Beliefs, Attitudes
Co-operation, Collaboration
Status, Power
Partner / Marital relationship
Relationship breakdown, Divorce
Group Membership
Child-rearing, Sex, Intimacy
Friendship, Peer Groups
Social Networks
Significant others
Roles, Gender
Dignity, Respect
Family structure

Work-Life Balance
Impact of unemployment
Life chances, Schooling
Living conditions
Amenities, Leisure
Pattern of daily life
Attitudes to homosexuality
Social activities
Medical Sociology
Social causes of diseases
Use of health services
Health education
Organisational culture
Sickness, Illness
Trust, Sharing
Ward culture
Health beliefs
Social context of health care
Shame, Embarassment
Alternative medicine
Social media

Satisfaction, Polls
Quality of Life
Qualitative data
Mythology, Archaeology
Narrative, Literature, Story telling, Poetry
Arts, Music, Dance, Fashion, Games
Clubs, Collecting
Self-help groups, Carers
Cross cultural health issues
Cultural determinants
Sports, Parkland
Cultural sensitivity
Youth culture, Cults
Charitable giving
Religious beliefs and practices
Festivals, Concerts
Sickness and death rituals
Diet, Markets, Shops
Languages, Writing, Folksonomy
Folk medicine
Social capital


Leadership, Guardianship
Vulnerable persons, Safeguarding
Peace studies, Education Funding
Government, Governance, Elections
Protest, Activism, Sustainability
Probity, Transparency
UN, EU, National, Regional, Local
Human Rights, Genocide
Defence, War crimes, Int. Court
Crime, Punishment, Judiciary
Policing: Law & Order
Freedom of Speech, Media control
Taxation, Tax evasion
Government Spending
Regulation, Accountability, 6Cs
Resource allocation
Global Health, WHO
Inequality: wealth, health info
Global Development
Wealth, Poverty, Income
Globalization, N-S-E-W, (Fair)Trade

Geopolitics, Terrorism
Security, Armed Forces
Deterence, Disarmament
International co-operation
Economics, Commerce, Currencies
Stock markets, Bonds, Investment
Energy, Internet, infrastructure
Party politics, Lobbying
Health, Social Care Acts/Law
Mental Health Law, Appeals
Advocacy, Appropriate Adult
Health & Social Policy, Strategy:
Drugs, HIV, Flu, Ebola, TB, STDs
Multidisciplinary Team
Entrepreneurism, Contracts
Inspection, Institutions
International Standards, Safety
Health and Safety
Employment, Welfare, Benefits
Unionism, Negotiation
Planning, Housing
Utilities, Public amenities
Cities, Urban, Rural

Transport, Cost of Living
Data - Information Law
Licensing, Accreditation
Sources of Information
Info and Disaster management
Government Data Gathering
Discrimination, Surveillance
Media, Publishing
Privacy, Confidentiality
Provenance, Propaganda
Price control: eg. alcohol
Advertising, Standards
Consumerism, Property
Effects of health
Political Awareness
Public engagement, Citizenry
Care Commissioning
Patient rights
Decision Making
Examinations, Awards
Ethics of intervention
Organisations eg. NICE

Power, Empowerment
Lasting Power of Attorney
Professionalism, Codes of conduct
Consultation, Consultancy
Professional regulation
Complaints, Rules
Conflict resolution
The Peace Orchestra
Treaties: Space, Antarctica..
Natural resources access
Open Source
Local government
Administration, Archiving
Public, Private, 3rd Sectors
Action, Pressure Groups
International Day of...
Counterfeit drugs
Human trafficking, Fraud, ID theft
Black market, Corruption
Migration, Refugees
Intellectual property
Land rights

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